Issues and Questions

Please list in the comments sections below Issues and Questions you would like to put to candidates for the State Seat of Prahran.


We ask that you direct your question to the Candidate(s) indicate the Candidates name or if it is a question to all Candidates.

Please try and make the question specifically related to South Yarra.
(Questions specifically related to South Yarra will be given priority over more general quesions and issues)


The rules and moderation

Questions and comments will be moderated and a list of chosen question submitted online put to candidates at the Meeting. We will endeavour to provide all candidates who have conformed their participation in the community debate with a copy of the questions asked prior to the Public meeting to be held on November 20.  All questions will be published on line and Candidates invited to submit replies detailed following the meeting.

We  ask that those submitting questions identify themselves and include their name, Street and contact information.

Anyone who wishes to remain anonymous should include this request also at the top of their submission.  We will review the request and the question will only be published on the basis of anonymity as requested.

Any abusive or offensive comments will not be published. Candidates have the right to request that any comments deemed to be offensive or personal be removed or edited.


Thank you


South Yarra Community Network


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