Punt Road Public Acquisition Overlay – City of Melbourne Draft Submission

The City of Melbourne adopted last Tuesday a draft “Punt Road Public Acquisition Overlay Options Report”

No consultation with residents or the local community most effected by the proposal

This draft was referred direct to Council without going though the Council’s Future Melbourne Committee, locking out public input into the draft submission.

There is an ongoing loss of confidence in the City of Melbourne’s Transport Portfolio chaired by Green Councillor Cathy Oake .  Councillor Oake and her fellow green Councillor Rohan Leppert, have been widely criticized for only consulting with Residents North of the City in Kensington.

Missing from consideration in the report is the long term solution and the preferred option of building a road tunnel under Punt Road.  All other solutions put forward in the City of Melbourne’s Draft plan spell a disaster for the local community and costs just as much as a Road Tunnel proposal estimated to cost around 1 Billion dollars

A road Tunnel should be considered in conjunction with the Metro Rail project as it also crossed  under Punt Road at its intersection with Toorak Road.

Although the Metro Rail Authority have stated that the Metro Rail Tunnel would not preclude a Road Tunnel under Punt Road they have no as yet presented and schematic draws that back up this statement.  The two must be designed together.

The failure of the City of Melbourne to canvass Road Tunnel in its draft submission  does little to instill public Confidence in the City of Melbourne Planning and Urban design departments.


Copy of the City of Melbourne Draft Submission adopted last Tuesday (24 November 2015)